Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Hope and pray everyone is safe - Worst terrorist attack in Mumbai November 26

Hi Dear all,

As the inhuman activity takes place, ones again we Mumbaikars see a new face of terrorism. Innocent lives are victimized. My heart goes out to those families, who has lost their loved ones.

I hope and pray all you guys and your near and dear ones are well. Be Strong and Unite to curb Terrorism.

I salute all our soldiers and commandos

All indians salute you no matter hindus muslims sikhs or christians we are one and we all salute you to save all Indians from this nightmare. We all stand together in this hour of need and we are one single nation. We thank you with all our heart and soul for keeping us safe .

"Forgiving a terrorist is left to GOD.
But fixing their appointment with GOD is our responsibility"
--- Jai Hind

Thanks & Regards,

Mumbai November 26, 2008

Multiple sites in the Indian city of Mumbai Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Nariman House, Oberoi Hotel, CST station, Cafe Leopold, Cama Hospital were attacked with bombs and gunfire in a coordinated terror attack beginning on November 26, 2008. The attacks killed 179 people, including at least 22 foreigners, Over 300 injuries were reported.

How Taj looked before getting attacked by the Terrorists on 26/11/08

Taj on fire after the attack

The central dome of Taj burning.

Mumbai CST Train Station just after the attack.

The frustration of all

Religious hatred is driving people mad. The terrorists were driven by religious hatred. Gujarat was a case of religious hatred. Babri Masjid demolition was a case of religious hatred. Kandhmal in Orissa was a case of religious hatred.

Let us handle religious hatred first. Let us identify the sources and settle them first. So long we let this menace under the carpet, it will come back repeatedly. The will have to be shown in handling this problem.

This means handling SIMI, Bajrang Dal adequately. Placing RSS under complete check. But going by our national view no one can handle these problems without fear of a back lash. Add to this corruption at highest levels - it becomes the case of survival of the fittest. We know who is the fittest. Net result - the country and its people will continue to be victims of every type of violence. Be it domestic or international terrorism